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Magnetic Me's Strategic Press Hook Strategy Through Press Hook


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Magnetic Me:

The Background

Magnetic Me amplifies its visibility and market presence through Press Hook by expertly crafting and distributing press releases, curating engaging media kits, and connecting with a vast network of media professionals.


In less than 12 months, Press Hook generated...


Press placements

Seventy two press hits in just 1 year of working together with Press Hook.


Sample Requests

Press Hook made it easier than ever to coordinate getting sample requests to media.



Total Reach

Country Living Forbes Glamour Harper's Bazaar New York Magazine

Here’s how Magnetic Me did it:

Magnetic Me successfully leveraged Press Hook's comprehensive suite of tools to enhance their market presence, from utilizing the AI Press Release Generator for announcing new prints and fabrics to creating a detailed digital media kit that showcased their innovative magnetic closure apparel. By tapping into Press Hook's extensive media database, Magnetic Me was able to forge valuable media relationships, securing prominent coverage that amplified their brand narrative across the children's wear and innovative textiles sectors.


Easily Accessible Media Kit and Visibility

Magnetic Me harnessed the power of Press Hook to curate a captivating digital media kit. Packed with high-resolution imagery, comprehensive details about the brand, and samples of their innovative magnetic closure apparel, the kit was meticulously tagged for optimal media visibility. Press Hook's guides also spotlighted Magnetic Me in relevant guide curations for media visibility, garnering additional visibility and interest.


Press Hook's AI Press Release Generator

Magnetic Me utilized Press Hook's AI Press Release Generator to effectively broadcast their latest innovations, including new prints and groundbreaking fabrics. This tool enabled the swift creation and distribution of a compelling press release, highlighting their advancements in the baby apparel industry. The press release, once approved, was strategically disseminated through Press Hook, ensuring targeted visibility among key media outlets and stakeholders interested in the latest in baby apparel technology and design.


Utilize Press Hook's Media Database

Leveraging Press Hook's expansive Media Database, Magnetic Me tapped into a vast network of media professionals actively seeking to cover baby apparel brands and forge meaningful partnerships. This strategic engagement facilitated top-tier press coverage, which Magnetic Me subsequently integrated into their broader marketing strategy, reinforcing their status as a leader in the baby apparel industry.


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