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Date Established 01/2024
E-commerce & Retail
Press Contact Daisy Jones


At smallTown, we're more than just a clothing brand; we're the voice of the unnoticed, a reminder of the simple joys and the untamed freedom that comes from a place where everyone knows your name.

With each purchase, we give back to the communities that inspire us, supporting non-profits focused on benefiting small towns, animals, and the environment. Our partnerships with compassionUSA, The Gentle Barn, and Sierra Club reflect our dedication to community empowerment, charitable giving, and the protection of our planet. We stand against the fast fashion culture by embracing slow fashion principles. 

Here, every piece tells a story of where we've been and the future we hope to create together. By choosing smallTown, you're not just wearing a brand; you're embracing a way of life that cherishes community, sustainability, and the small moments that make life truly rich, one small town at a time.

Founding Story

smallTown is born from the heart of Arielle, a Kansas farm girl who left her smalltown to pursue her dreams in the city. In the big city she thrived and built a life for herself but took notice that one of the first questions people ask in the city is "Where are you from?" this spawned the idea of starting a brand that could help connect all the smalltowner's that ended up in the city. She brought the idea to her friend and fashion consultant Foreste Jean (they/them) who has worked with fashion brands over the last 20 years with skills spanning from design through to production. Together they wanted to build something that shares their story, builds a solid foundation based in sustainable practices.


smallTowners have the tea
smallTowners have the tea $85.00
Its A Beanie, Baby - Dapple Grey
Its A Beanie, Baby - Dapple Grey $45.00
Its A Beanie, Baby - Stallion Black
Its A Beanie, Baby - Stallion Black $45.00
Stole Dads Hat
Stole Dads Hat $55.00
Moonicrew $115.00
Stole Dads hat
Stole Dads hat $55.00
smallTowners have the tea
smallTowners have the tea $85.00

Team Bios

From a young age, I have used my imagination to create stories. Whether it be via styling, costume design, or acting, I have the mindset to bring ideas to life. Working with clothing for me is an intentional process: an expansion of my own creative ethos and a reflection of my personal beliefs. I believe we could change the world by simply being conscious of what we put in and on our body.

After finishing a fashion design program at FIDM in 2006, I led design rooms and development teams for brands, such as Wildfox and Henry Duarte. However I felt a drive to follow a deeper passion of theater, story telling and costumes. My focus has been on costume design, pattern making, and custom design since 2016. With each projects individuality I have a reliable source of talents and knowledge when it comes to the fashion industry. In 2020 I started taking acting classes and truly pursuing my dream of being in front of the camera, this is where I met Arielle and the rest is history.

Arielle Raycene is the essence of small-town allure mixed with big-city ambition. Born and bred in the heartland of Kansas, she's infused with the charm of rural America but destined for the city life. With a journalism degree in one hand and a passion for the performing arts in the other, she ventured beyond her roots to sculpt a career in the realms of acting, modeling, and producing.

When the world paused, Arielle's creativity surged. The quiet of lockdown became a stage for growth as she delved into an online Meisner class, where fate had it; she'd meet Forest. Together, they sparked a connection that transcended the screen—a partnership woven from shared ambition and the nostalgia of their small-town legacies.

From this synergy emerged smallTown—the clothing line made for people from a small town. SmallTown isn't just a brand; it's an homage to beginnings that never leave us, no matter how far we roam.


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