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SimplyFun is a company that specializes in educational board games. They offer a variety of games for different subjects such as math, STEM, reading, language arts, and social sciences. They also provide game information, including details about their games, game design, academic content, and how to play videos.

Named one of the Best Toys of the Year by Good Housekeeping (Best Toys 2023)

Founding Story

Our company has joyfully been serving families for over 15 years by providing unique family board games packed full of learning content as well as plenty of family fun!

We got our start in social gaming but in early 2008 we decided that play-based learning was our true passion. We felt that play, as one of the three basic ways we learn, along with academics and experience, was being overlooked. We asked ourselves, what could we do to change that? As it turned out, there was a lot we could do.

Right from the start we worked with some phenomenal game designers, such as Reiner Knizia, Michael Schacht, Alan Moon, and Aaron Weissblum. Their expertise combined with the skills of our in-house team resulted in games that not only win awards, but get the nod of approval from both kids and parents.


My Fun Day
My Fun Day $38.00
Buddy Hop
Buddy Hop $32.00
Team Digger
Team Digger $36.00
Prickly Path
Prickly Path $36.00
Bank It!
Bank It! $34.00


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