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Founder Charlie Brain & Walker Brown
Headquarters Cape Town
Press Contact Lara Färbinger


Not your everyday wine producer- Lubanzi runs as a socially conscious company crafting fairly produced wines that punch above their weight and focus on using business as a powerful force for good in the world.

They believe in the responsibility of busineses to be stewards of the Earth and they take steps to ensure environmental sustainability throughout the supply chain. From only working with farms that are Integrity & Sustainability Certified©, to labeling all of their bottles with 100% TreeFree© labels, to being a 1% For The Planet member, to offsetting their carbon emissions via Climate Neutral. The wines are Fair For Life Fair Trade Certified© & are proud to call themsleves part of B Corp Certified community. Finally, but most importantly Lubanzi is built as a social enterprise, and commited to giving 50% of net profits to the Pebbles Project, a non-profit organisation that works with families who live and work on South Africa’s wine farms, providing them with improved access to high-quality healthcare & education.

Founding Story

Lubanzi Wines was born in Cape Town as the brainchild of two young travelers and now co-owners Charlie Brain & Walker Brown who were on the hunt for adventure and an opportunity to make a difference in the world, Lubanzi is a collaborative social enterprise with a story to tell about community, partnerships, and the value of the path less traveled. Inspired by adventure, the name comes from a wandering dog, Lubanzi, who accompanied the two owners on a whirlwind 6 day, 100 mile backpacking trip across South Africa’s Wild Coast, and who by some stroke of luck, brought this company and brand all to life!


Lubanzi Chenin Blanc
Lubanzi Chenin Blanc $14.99
Lubanzi Red Blend
Lubanzi Red Blend $14.99
Lubanzi Rosé Bubbles
Lubanzi Rosé Bubbles $14.99
Lubanzi 'Rainboat' Pet-Nat
Lubanzi 'Rainboat' Pet-Nat $24.99
Lubanzi 'Orange Is' Skin-Contact
Lubanzi 'Orange Is' Skin-Contact $24.99
Lubanzi Chenin Blanc Can
Lubanzi Chenin Blanc Can $5.99
Lubanzi Red Blend Can
Lubanzi Red Blend Can $5.99
Lubanzi Rosé Bubbles Can
Lubanzi Rosé Bubbles Can $4.99

Team Bios

Born and raised in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia by two novelists and professors, Walker has a keen eye for storytelling and strangers looking for a conversation. In addition to the wine gig, Walker is a song writer and musician who plays the banjo and the acoustic guitar. He graduated from the University of Richmond with a broad focus on Philosophy, Politics, and Economics.

The son and grandson of two entrepreneurs and the great grandson of a professional baseball player - Charlie was born with a passion for taking risks and doing things differently at every turn, even if that means it might not always turn out so well. Fortunately, he's also got a knack for drinking wine and having a good time, so this whole experiment pretty much can't go wrong.


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