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Date Established 05/2006
Founder ilah Cibis
Headquarters Worcester
E-commerce & Retail
Press Contact ilah Cibis


iLAH Jewelry is an indie jewelry brand based in Worcester, Massachusetts. All iLAH pieces are designed by ilah Cibis and made in their Worcester workshop. Each piece tells a unique story and is grouped into mini-collections with similar themes. The range of iLAH pieces varies from playful and cheeky to timeless, all crafted using recycled sterling silver, gold, and platinum for durability. No plating is used, ensuring longevity for everyday wear.

iLAH Jewelry prioritizes sustainability by using responsibly sourced gems and diamonds. They proudly carry Aether Diamonds, unique for being made from recaptured CO2 emissions. In addition to sustainability, inclusivity is a key value for iLAH. They offer their pieces in a wide range of sizes, without adhering to traditional gender norms, making their jewelry accessible to all individuals, regardless of body type or identity.

Overall, iLAH Jewelry focuses on crafting pieces that go beyond mere adornment, aiming to tell stories, promote sustainability, and celebrate diversity.

Founding Story

iLAH Jewelry was launched in 2021 by ilah Cibis, a designer and jeweler who ran a bespoke jewelry studio for over 16 years prior to producing her own designs and launching the brand. ilah is a proud graduate of the North Bennet Street school in Boston and an international award winning CAD designer. She was the first jeweler in Massachusetts and one of the first five jewelers in the country to carry and promote lab grown diamonds. She continues to stay on the cutting edge of lab grown diamond technology and is dedicated to promoting the most environmentally responsible lab grown diamonds possible. iLAH tries to inject humor and her love of whimsy into all of her work.


little bitch boy
little bitch boy $89.00
Toni Ring
Toni Ring $1675.00
Leia Ring
Leia Ring $2859.00
Snakes on a Chain
Snakes on a Chain $1199.00
I Fear No Judgement
I Fear No Judgement $189.00
Striped Bass Ring
Striped Bass Ring $150.00
yes chef stacking ring
yes chef stacking ring $89.00
F*ck Around Stacking Ring
F*ck Around Stacking Ring $89.00
Find Out Stacking Ring
Find Out Stacking Ring $89.00
Our Lady of Perpetual Exhaustion
Our Lady of Perpetual Exhaustion $189.00
Baby Bee Studs
Baby Bee Studs $280.00
Waterlily Necklace
Waterlily Necklace $3789.00
Feather Hoops
Feather Hoops $849.00
daddy $99.00
Striped Necklace.
Striped Necklace. $995.00
Growth is sexy.
Growth is sexy. $45.00
Poppies Rings.
Poppies Rings. $1795.00
Bad Bitch Magic
Bad Bitch Magic $199.00
Flight of Fantasy
Flight of Fantasy $2955.00
Queer Ring (wide)
Queer Ring (wide) $99.00
Pride Stacking Ring
Pride Stacking Ring $89.00

Team Bios

ilah Cibis is a jewelry designer and jeweler based in Worcester, MA. She has a BFA from Boston University and is a graduate from the prestigious North Bennet Street School's Jewelry Making and Repair program. Prior to starting iLAH Jewelry, ilah ran a bespoke jewelry studio just outside of Boston for 16 years. She is an expert in jewelry CAD design and was one of the first five jewelers in the US to start selling lab grown diamonds. An early adopter, she saw that lab grown diamonds would be the future of the industry providing a cost effective option for the average consumer and the potential for carbon neutral diamonds. She seeks to educate consumers about the pros and cons of lab grown diamonds without the bias that most jewelers have towards the higher profits available in natural diamonds.


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