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Date Established 11/2023
Founder Ashley Gawley, Cameron Gawley
Health & Wellness
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Glow Therapy believes that radiant skin is more than just an aesthetic ideal – it's a reflection of inner confidence and self-love. We empower individuals to embrace their natural beauty through powerful, accessible LED light therapy solutions. Think 10-minutes a day at-home spa treatments.

Founded on the principle that glowing skin shouldn't be a luxury, Glow Therapy offers innovative masks clinically proven to combat wrinkles, acne, and dullness. Our commitment to affordability extends beyond price tags; we strive to educate and inspire communities through skincare tips, self-care rituals, and a supportive online space. We believe that with the right tools and knowledge, everyone can unlock their inner radiance and shine brighter than ever before.

By prioritizing inclusivity, science-backed technology, and responsible practices, Glow Therapy aims to revolutionize the way we view and care for our skin. Join us on our journey to redefine beauty, celebrate individuality, and illuminate the world with our collective glow. ✨

Founding Story

From Boardroom Deals to Radiant Skin: How Ashley Gawley's Glow Therapy Lights Up Beauty

Ashley Gawley knows hustle. As a top real estate power player and National Director of Strategic Growth for Sotheby's, she navigates a world of million-dollar deals and high-stakes negotiations. But when fine lines etched themselves onto her face at 37, she sought a different kind of glow-up – one that wasn't confined to boardrooms or exorbitant spa treatments.

Enter the serendipitous discovery of affordable LED light therapy. Unlike the stratospherically priced masks dominating the market, this accessible technology offered real, transformative results: smoother skin, diminished blemishes, and a luminous return to her natural radiance. It sparked a fire in Ashley's heart – why should this potent secret weapon be locked away in beauty penthouses?

Thus, Glow Therapy was born – a brand built on the conviction that radiant skin shouldn't be a luxury. Partnering with her entrepreneur husband, Cameron, Ashley transformed her boardroom skills into a mission to democratize beauty. Together, they launched Glow Therapy last Black Friday, offering premium LED masks at an "attainable luxury" price point (think under $200, not five figures).

The response was nothing short of electrifying. Glow Therapy resonated with women – and men – tired of the filter-fueled beauty landscape. It became a beacon of self-confidence, a love letter to natural beauty, and a testament to the power of attainable luxury.

Ashley, a face forever transformed by Glow Therapy's power, champions its ability to combat not just wrinkles, but acne, blemishes, and dullness too. Cameron's strategic mind ensures every mask delivers a spa-worthy glow without the spa-worthy price tag. Together, they're building a movement, inviting everyone to join the vibrant Glow Tribe and embrace their authentic skin.

Glow Therapy's story is still being written, a national chapter just unfolding. But under Ashley and Cameron's guidance, its future shines bright. It's a story of resilience, inclusivity, and the unshakeable belief that everyone deserves to radiate from within.


The Glow Getter Mask - LED Light Therapy Mask
The Glow Getter Mask - LED Light Therapy Mask $199.00

Team Bios

Cameron Gawley, an entrepreneurial visionary, embarked on an extraordinary journey from childhood baseball card shows to founding one of the fastest-growing digital strategy agencies in his 30s. Now in his 40s, with multiple successful exits, he's pushing boundaries in tech-enabled product development and brand experiences as Co-Founder and Chief Growth Officer of Arrival, a social commerce app.

Cameron's passion is empowering DTC brands to thrive. He's also known for co-founding BuzzShift, mentoring and investing in startups, and driving the growth of Oak & Eden Whiskey. Additionally, as a co-founder of Glow Therapy, a health and wellness tech company, he's pioneering innovation in the beauty industry.

Based in Dallas, Texas, Cameron welcomes connections on social media @camgawley, offering guidance and growth strategies for entrepreneurs.


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