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Date Established 03/2020
Founder Alicia Navarro
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Press Contact Alicia Navarro


This is one of those "It's weird but it works!" products. 🤩

FLOWN is a virtual co-working platform that helps users stay focused and beat distractions. It offers structured focus sessions led by expert facilitators, where you work in silence with other professionals around the world for extra accountability.

FLOWN also offers round-the-clock Drop-in sessions, for the 'virtual library effect' as you work. Tapping into the science of 'body doubling', FLOWN particularly helps those with ADHD (or anyone struggling with focus or loneliness as they work from home) feel more productive and accountable.

FLOWN membership also includes various recharge activities like breathwork, meditation, and drawing sessions, which boost creativity and a sense of well-being at work.

Founding Story

FLOWN is founded by serial entrepreneur, Alicia Navarro. She was the founder of affiliate marketing power-house Skimlinks, which most media companies and publishers use to monetize their commerce content.

After Skimlinks got acquired during the pandemic in 2020, she was exploring what she wanted to do next. She read Cal Newport's book "Deep Work" and became inspired by how crazy it is that we *know* what can drive flow states at work, yet we don't structure the way we work according to those principles. She began her mission of transforming how we work so we weave deep work and flow state into the fabric of our working lives. FLOWN is her second startup, and already helping tens of thousands of professionals tackle the forces of distraction and loneliness in our post-pandemic world.

Alicia is Aussie-born, of Cuban and Spanish parents, based mostly in London and Lisbon.


Virtual co-working for focus
Virtual co-working for focus $25.00


Facilitated virtual co-working sessions

With 80+ hours of scheduled weekly focus sessions, you'll never be without an accountability buddy and you can work to your own schedule. One- and two-hour facilitated sessions help you focus on anything from life admin tasks to tackling your biggest projects.

24/7 Focus rooms

An all-day silent co-working room you can join and leave at any time you like with no pressure or commitment. Add your goal for the session in the sidebar, set a timer for yourself, share your playlist and start ticking off your to-do list.

Group accountability

Set your intentions during a focus session, and find yourself more likely to achieve them. FLOWN is an 'accountability village' where you become more productive by sharing your work goals with others.

Recharge activities

Besides live focus sessions, FLOWN also has a rich calendar of live recharge sessions. From breathwork, meditation, journaling and drawing sessions, you can create the healthy habits in your life through the science of body doubling and group accountability.




Men's Health - Aug 17, 2023 How 'Virtual Co-working' Helped Our Distracted Writer to Regain His Focus "The author found Flown effective due to its unique approach to fostering deep work and flow states, particularly appealing for remote workers seeking structure and community. Likening it to "Peloton for work", Flown's ability to transform tasks into engaging events and its support for individuals with neurodiversity, such as ADHD, make it a powerful tool for enhancing productivity and mental fitness in a distraction-filled world. The platform's accessibility and affordability further contribute to its effectiveness, offering a novel solution to the challenges of maintaining focus in the remote work environment."
Refinery29 - Sep 07, 2022 I Tried A ‘Body Doubling’ App To Help With Focus – It’s Weird But It Works "The article explores the concept of "body doubling" as a productivity hack, especially beneficial for individuals with ADHD working from home. It highlights the virtual co-working app FLOWN, which facilitates "deep work" sessions by connecting people across the globe to work alongside each other via video. The practice, often used by those with ADHD for accountability, helps maintain focus on tasks. FLOWN's founder, Alicia Navarro, discusses the unexpected benefits for those with ADHD, emphasizing the app's role in achieving flow states and the sense of accomplishment and purpose derived from these focused sessions."


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