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Every Body Eat® is at the forefront of a clean snacking revolution, championing a new era of flavor and inclusivity in the snack aisle. With a commitment to crafting irresistible snacks free from the top 14 food allergens and corn, Every Body Eat® has quickly become synonymous with deliciousness, premium quality, and trust. Since its inception in 2020, the brand has been on a mission to spread joy through its snacks, ensuring that each product not only tantalizes the taste buds but also adheres to the highest cross-contamination control standards. Their iconic Cheese-Less Thin, hailed as the nation's #1 Vegan Cheese Cracker in the Natural Channel, exemplifies their dedication to merging incredible taste with food safety, creating unforgettably craveable snacks that EVERY BODY can enjoy.

Every Body Eat® is constantly innovating, with whispers of exciting new product lines that promise to fascinate foodies and uphold the brand's commitment to inclusivity and excellence. Produced in a state-of-the-art, allergy-friendly facility, each product is a testament to the brand's dedication to redefining industry standards for safety and transparency. Every Body Eat® is not just about creating snacks; it's about building a community where everyone is welcome, and culinary delight is accessible to all, setting a new gold standard in the snack world with Flavors You Can Trust™.

Founding Story

In a world where "free-from allergens" often means "free-from flavor," two fearless foodies, Trish Thomas, a serial entrepreneur with a knack for innovation, and Nichole Wilson, a Frito-Lay exec veteran with a taste for change, decided to stir things up. Both grappling with severe food allergies themselves in their families, they met not in a boardroom, but at their kids' book fair, where they hatched a plan to rescue food allergy families from the bland abyss of allergy-friendly fare.

Initially aiming to create a tech platform to connect people with palatable, allergy-friendly foods, their taste buds were left wanting. Disheartened by the lackluster options, they pivoted, embarking on a culinary quest to create a snack that didn't just meet the mark but set a new standard for deliciousness. Their mission: to craft delicious snacks free from the top 14 most common food allergens, plus corn, ensuring no one had to choose between taste and safety. 

The journey was no cakewalk. Recipe after recipe, they sought the perfect blend of flavors, even auditioning 12 different salts to find the one that would make their snacks sing. But the real challenge lay in production. Unwilling to compromise on their strict allergen-free standards, they faced a crossroads when no existing co-manufacturer could meet their demands. Undeterred, Trish and Nichole rolled up their sleeves and built their own production facility, ensuring Every Body Eat® snacks were made with the utmost care and quality.

But their vision extended beyond just creating great snacks. Nichole, inspired by her work with Chicago Beyond, a venture philanthropy fund focused on youth equity, saw an opportunity to make a difference in the local community. Every Body Eat® became a beacon of hope, employing individuals from underserved Chicago communities, providing stable jobs, and fostering a sense of belonging and purpose. From housing and food insecurity to building careers, the team's transformation is a testament to the power of inclusive employment.

The launch of their first product line, snack thins, was a triumph. A delightful cross between a chip and a cracker, available in four mouthwatering flavors, it was a hit. The overwhelmingly positive response to both the taste and the mission behind the brand was a clear sign that Every Body Eat® was on to something special.

Fast forward to March 2024, Every Body Eat® has moved into a brand-new, much larger, state of the art facility, poised for exponential growth. With the increased capacity, they're not just making more thins; they're gearing up to unveil new product lines that promise to tantalize taste buds and continue their mission of inclusivity and deliciousness. Stay tuned, because Every Body Eat® is just getting started, and the future looks flavorfully bright.


CHEESE-LESS™ Thins $5.99
SEA SALT CHIA™ Thins $5.99
CHIVE & GARLIC™ Thins $5.99
Cranberry Crispbread Crackers™
Cranberry Crispbread Crackers™ $8.99
Sea Salt Crispbread Crackers™
Sea Salt Crispbread Crackers™ $8.99
White Pepper Garlic Crispbread Crackers™
White Pepper Garlic Crispbread Crackers™ $8.99

Team Bios

Co-Founder and President of Every Body Eat®. With a flair for building, scaling, and managing triple bottom line teams, Nichole's career is a testament to her visionary leadership. From her early days in investment banking to orchestrating PepsiCo's R&D strategic planning for a whopping $33B food portfolio, she's always been at the forefront of innovation. Nichole was the architect behind Frito-Lay's pioneering Environmental Sustainability Strategy and played a crucial role in forging alliances between M&A and R&D, leading to impactful investments in rising stars like Sabra and Spitz. Her strategic guidance propelled the iconic brands Doritos and Fritos to new heights.

Nichole's journey continued as she led the $40MM investment portfolio for Chicago Beyond, a venture philanthropy fund focused on youth equity, leaving an indelible mark on the industry. Beyond her professional prowess, Nichole is a devoted mother of two, with a personal stake in the world of dietary restrictions. Her family's experiences have fueled her resolve to ensure that food limitations don't define anyone's life. Fearless and undaunted by the "impossible," Nichole wields her superpowers to unearth creative solutions to the most significant challenges worth tackling.

Co-Founder and Chief Eating Officer of Every Body Eat®, serial entrepreneur, and a mastermind of innovation. With a track record that includes launching her first company right out of college and selling it within four years, Trish has been a pioneering force since the '90s. She built the era's first safe online community for youth and, a decade later, expanded transmedia entertainment to a global scale, reaching 100 countries in 65 languages. Her expertise in digital strategy is sought after by industry giants like IBM, Dreamworks, and Nissan, among others.

Trish is not just about business; she's also passionate about nurturing the next generation of entrepreneurs. She developed a groundbreaking college curriculum focused on enhancing the psychological resilience of founders, aiming to boost startup success rates. Currently, she imparts her entrepreneurial wisdom as faculty at Northwestern University and made significant contributions as the former Director of Entrepreneurship & Innovation at Lake Forest College.

But Trish's vibrant personality extends beyond her professional achievements. A food lover and people connector, she's the heart of her family, a devoted mom to six boys. In her world, the perfect evening is one where everyone gathers around a table for a meal that EVERY BODY can eat, especially when she's not the one cooking!


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