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Biology Fragrances — AAPI-Owned, Functional Fragrances That Go Beyond Scent


Date Established 07/2023
Founder Steve Sun
Press Contact Ashley Duarte


Biology is a small batch, natural, functional fragrance brand, formulated to provide you with that extra boost to tackle the day. All formulas are curated to have restorative qualities that enhance your daily life. The fragrances are paraben free, phthalate free, animal cruelty free. Biology is founded by Steve Sun, a first generation Chinese American, member of the LGBTQIA+ community. 

Biology Fragrances' Best-Selling scents are:

  • Fragrance 1- JoyJasmine: Uplifts | Tuberose: Aphrodisiac | Bergamot: Stress Relief | Sandalwood: Stress Relief
  • Fragrance 4- ImmunitySichuan Peppercorn: Immunity | Bergamot: Stress Relief | Myrrh: Anti Inflammatory | Ginger: Detoxifies | Neroli- Stress Relief
  • Fragrance 8- DeepCinnamon: Mood Boost | Tonka Bean: Calming | Geranium: Immunity | Cedarwood: Relaxing

Biology also offers a Mix N Match collection featuring six scents of your choice. Biology will launch in Urban Outfitters on 4/4. Thaffilia is affiliate-ready on Share A Sale and Skimlinks.

Founding Story

Steve Sun is passionate about design and fragrance, constantly seeking the perfect intersection of these two worlds. His artistic journey is shaped by his colorful background as a first-generation Chinese American and a member of the LGBTQIA+ community, as well as his deep affinity for diversity and cultures.

Steve has a profound love for collecting flea market pieces and blending them with new items, all while maintaining a deep affinity for scent. For Steve, scent has always been a vehicle for escape, consistently bringing him to a better place. Through his artistic journey, Steve aims to redefine boundaries and leave an indelible mark on the world of design and fragrance.


Fragrance 2 Calm
Fragrance 2 Calm $32.00
Fragrance 1 Joy
Fragrance 1 Joy $32.00
Fragrance 3 Mystery
Fragrance 3 Mystery $32.00
Fragrance 4: Immunity
Fragrance 4: Immunity $32.00
Fragrance 5: Otherworldly
Fragrance 5: Otherworldly $32.00
Fragrance 6: Tune Out
Fragrance 6: Tune Out $32.00
Fragrance 7: Balance
Fragrance 7: Balance $32.00
Fragrance 8: Deep
Fragrance 8: Deep $32.00
Mix N' Match The Collection: 6 Fragrances
Mix N' Match The Collection: 6 Fragrances $128.00


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