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Date Established 10/2022
Founder Kristina Braly, MD
Headquarters Houston
Health & Wellness
E-commerce & Retail
Press Contact Savanah Modesitt


AEMBR stands as a beacon of sustainable luxury and holistic well-being. Its founder, Dr. Braly, an experienced airway specialist, embarked on a mission to create products that prioritize personal health and environmental stewardship. Rooted in purity and sustainability, AEMBR has cultivated a global following, with thousands of loyal customers worldwide. Remarkably, over 80% of these customers return for repurchases, a testament to AEMBR's exceptional quality and effectiveness, spreading solely through word-of-mouth since its inception in 2022.

AEMBR's allure lies in its "wow"-inducing performance, in phthalate-free formulations and eco-conscious practices. Each product is meticulously crafted to embody the brand's values of integrity and compassion, offering consumers a luxurious experience without compromising on sustainability. Asthma- and migraine-sufferers alike rejoice in AEMBR's offerings, finding solace in headache-free, trigger-free scenting, thanks to the clean, non-toxic formulations. With a focus on empowerment and inspiration, AEMBR invites journalists to explore its transformative journey and share the story of a brand that champions wellness and sustainability with every exquisite creation.

Founding Story

In 2022, AEMBR emerged from Dr. Braly's kitchen, fueled by a passion for clean, sustainable luxury. The brand's inaugural launch was nothing short of extraordinary, with products selling out in a mere 90 seconds, followed by a second drop that vanished from virtual shelves in just 60 seconds. AEMBR swiftly garnered a reputation as "the brand of candles you can't get your hands on," captivating online shoppers who eagerly awaited each product drop. At the height of its frenzy, an AEMBR candle became a hotter commodity than tickets to a Taylor Swift concert. 

Fast forward to 2024, and AEMBR has undergone a remarkable evolution. With production scaled up tenfold and a dedicated studio space, every product is meticulously handcrafted with care and precision. Having amassed an impressive 10,000 orders in under 1.5 years, AEMBR stands on the precipice of widespread recognition, poised to transition from a scent-lovers' "best-kept secret" to a household name in the mainstream press.


Laundry Starter Pack
Laundry Starter Pack $32.99
Good Vibes - Pride 2024 Candle
Good Vibes - Pride 2024 Candle $50.00
Bibliotek Candle
Bibliotek Candle $60.00
Bibliotek - Classic Candle
Bibliotek - Classic Candle $44.87
Amber Oud Candle
Amber Oud Candle $60.00
Tortured Poets - Wax Melt
Tortured Poets - Wax Melt $18.00
Limon Candle
Limon Candle $60.00
Between The Sheets Candle
Between The Sheets Candle $60.00
Tomat - Candle with Matching Lid (8 ounces)
Tomat - Candle with Matching Lid (8 ounces) $45.00
Tortured Poets - Swiftie Candle
Tortured Poets - Swiftie Candle $60.00
1989 - Swiftie Candle
1989 - Swiftie Candle $60.00
Reputation - Swiftie Candle
Reputation - Swiftie Candle $60.00
Lavender Haze - Swiftie Candle
Lavender Haze - Swiftie Candle $60.00
Out of The Woods - Swiftie Candle
Out of The Woods - Swiftie Candle $60.00
Celebrate - Personalized Candle
Celebrate - Personalized Candle $75.00
Kitchen Discovery Set
Kitchen Discovery Set $36.00
Core Discovery Set
Core Discovery Set $36.00
Deco Wax Warmer
Deco Wax Warmer $45.00
Amber Oud - Classic Candle
Amber Oud - Classic Candle $45.00

Team Bios

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Production Manager

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Production Assistant II

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As the visionary founder of AEMBR, Dr. Braly brings a unique blend of expertise as an airway, heart, and lung specialist, backed by years of experience as a board-certified Anesthesiologist. Dr. Braly's journey began with a deep passion for improving lives, both inside and outside the operating room. Recognizing the power of holistic well-being, Dr. Braly embarked on a mission to create a brand that not only enhances physical comfort but also elevates emotional and mental wellness.

Drawing from extensive medical background, Dr. Braly founded AEMBR with a commitment to crafting premium products that prioritize health, sustainability, and performance. The brand story is rooted in a desire to provide consumers with innovative solutions that align with their values and aspirations.

Driven by a relentless pursuit of excellence, Dr. Braly leads a dedicated team of professionals who share the vision for transformative change. Together, they strive to redefine standards and challenge conventions in the industry, ensuring that every AEMBR product embodies quality, efficacy, and integrity.

With a steadfast focus on innovation and compassion, Dr. Braly is proud to steer AEMBR towards a future where wellness is not just a destination but a way of life. Joining on this inspiring journey allows individuals to embrace their fullest potential and live beautifully, inside and out.


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