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The Top Substacks for Media Opps
April 21st, 2023
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Nowadays, it seems every writer on the internet has launched a Substack newsletter. Whether they’re sending out content related to their job or writing something as a fun side project, writers have committed to newsletters in a big way. Though it might seem like newsletters would be separate from most media channels, there’s a lot of information on which you may be missing out if you’re not subscribing to writer Substacks. From the top Substacks for various industries, to the top Substacks for media opps, we’ll be breaking down our favorite newsletters in a variety of blog posts in the coming weeks.

Did we miss one of your favorites? Let us know! We’re always on the lookout for more resources and more writers with whom we can connect.

Pitch, Please

Pitch, Please is written by freelance writer Stephanie Osmanski. It’s a period newsletter containing tips, opportunities that Osmanski is currently working on, recently published work, and more.

Marisa’s Newsletter

Marisa’s Newsletter, from writer Marisa Petrarca, is a (roughly) weekly newsletter primarily focused on beauty, wellness, home, fashion, and other topics. Each newsletter contains a short intro or check-in, as well as Petrarca’s current open opps for experts or products. Petrarca clearly notes how you should pitch yourself or your client, making responding a snap.

Alice Dubin Media newsletter

Alice Dubin writes this newsletter, which she sends a few times a week. There's both a paid and free version. The free newsletter contains open media opps and other updates, while the paid version includes more in-depth industry insights.

Rachel’s Newsletter

From writer Rachel Dube, Rachel’s Newsletter contains updates, recent assignments, calls for experts, and more. Dube focuses extensively on beauty, travel, and other lifestyle topics.

Wendy Rose Gould’s Newsletter

This newsletter, from freelance lifestyle reporter Wendy Rose Gould, typically includes a short intro or check-in, as well as available media opportunities broken down by type (with a section for expert commentary and round-ups), recently published work, and the like.

We love newsletters with recently published articles in them because it makes it easy for you to check and see if your pitch was included in the final result once it’s live!

Aly Walansky's Newsletter

Written by freelance lifestyle writer Aly Walansky, this daily (or nearly!) newsletter often contains all manner of nuggets of helpful tips for brands or PR pros, as well as what Aly's currently working on, what she's recently had published or updated, and more.

Nicole’s Newsletter from Nicole Pajer

Pajer puts a lot of the topics, experts, or products for which she’s sourcing right in the description of the newsletter, making it easy to quickly ascertain if that newsletter may have something for which you or your client might be a fit. Like many of the others, Nicole’s Newsletter is chock full of currently open opportunities and industry tips.

Jill Schildhouse’s Media Insights and Assignments

Created by writer Jill Schildhouse, this newsletter is bit of a mix of traditional media opportunities and what Schildhouse is currently working on as well as industry musings, resources, tips, and information. Much of the insight (like with many journalists’ newsletters) is held in the paid subscriber version of the newsletter, so consider upgrading to a paid subscription to various writer Substacks so that you can benefit from their knowledge!

Katie Lockheart’s Media Newsletter

Writer Katie Lockheart focuses primarily on travel, food, and other topics. This newsletter includes a variety of things, including updates and news, source requests, tips for PR pros, selected favorites of Lockheart’s recent coverage, upcoming travel, other recommended newsletters, and more.

Leah Groth

Groth’s newsletter breaks down what’s being requested right in the title or description, making it quick and easy to determine whether or not there’s something in it for you. Like some of the others, Groth clearly notes how to respond to any calls for pitches, taking the guesswork out of things and cutting down on any work you may have otherwise had to do.

Bryce Gruber’s Sharing Opps

Former freelance writer (and new executive editor at Today’s Parent) Bryce Gruber’s newsletter includes current open opportunities, industry insight, recently published articles, and even job postings for those who work in PR and similar industries.

Writer Substacks can be so helpful for PR pros—or those who are handling their own public relations plans. Finding out what writers are working on is so incredibly valuable so that you can put yourself up for the best possible opportunities at the right times. These Substacks will help set you on the right path.