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Navigating Valentine's Day PR: Insights and Tips for a Successful Campaign
January 15th, 2024
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Valentine's Day is not just about love and romance; it's a prime opportunity for brands to make their mark. Here are insights and strategies to ensure your Valentine's Day pitches stand out.

Timing Your Pitch:

The end of December might seem like downtime, but it's actually a golden opportunity. Writers like Aly Walansky (Forbes, Food Network, The Kitchn) and Alesandra Dubin (Travel & Leisure, Southern Living, Good Housekeeping) note that this period is slower, making it ideal for getting noticed. The festive mood also contributes to a more receptive audience among writers.

Crafting the Perfect Pitch:

What sets a Valentine's Day pitch apart? It's all in the details:

  • Subject Line: Be clear and direct. Use tags like "Valentine's Day Pitch" for easy categorization. Avoid vague lines like "got a quick second."
  • Content: Include vital information such as live links, affiliate details, and product pricing. Avoid fluff – reporters prefer straight-to-the-point pitches.

Product Selection and Pricing:

Choose products that resonate with your target audience. For cost-sensitive readers, consider items ranging from $20 to $75, suitable for publications like Travel + Leisure. For a luxury market, such as readers of Good Housekeeping, products under $200 are preferable. Remember, Valentine's Day isn't the time for appliances or cleaning products – focus on pleasure-based items and unique gifts.

Diverse Offerings:

Valentine's Day isn't limited to gifts for spouses. Consider diverse categories like pet gifts, teen gifts, and luxury items like vintage jewelry. However, ensure there's sufficient inventory and live links for any luxury or unique items.

Non-Traditional Gifts:

Valentine's spirits don't need to be red or pink. Be creative and think outside the box. This approach has been successful in Aly Walansky's work for Forbes.

Affiliate Links and Reviews:

While Alice focuses on affiliate gift guides, Aly's work for Forbes doesn't require them. High Amazon reviews and virality (like TikTok fame) can bolster your product's appeal.

Catching the Editor's Eye:

Highlight special deals in your subject line, like "Real diamond gifts for V-Day under $200." Be clear about the unique selling points and price points.

Following Up:

If an editor expresses interest, keep in touch without being overly persistent. Understand that publication needs can change, and what isn’t a fit today might be perfect later.

Breaking Into Top Publications:

For jewelry brands, emphasize great deals or unique aspects like being a diverse-owned brand or part of a special collection. For skincare, focus on pampering and self-care angles.

Remember, the key to successful Valentine's Day PR is understanding the needs of both your product and the publication. With these insights, your pitches are more likely to hit the mark.

Happy V-Day to you all! <3