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Date Established 10/2023
Founder Paola Telfer
Headquarters Whistler
Immersive Technology
Health & Wellness
Consumer Electronics
Press Contact Jack Taylor PR

About is the world’s first enhanced neurofeedback system for home use. It combines state-of-the-art neurofeedback with personalized transcranial light stimulation technology and heart coherence training. Its programs allow you to train for the outcome that matters most to you, whether it’s focus and stress reduction, enhanced creativity, or achieving deeper states of meditation.

Founding Story

Developed in collaboration with top neuro-clinicians, neuroscientists, and researchers, the system includes mobile objective brain measurement and adapts to your goals and real-time bio-signals. This all-in-one brain training solution is delivered through an easy-to-use headset, GeniusPulseTM Controller, and App, making it customer-friendly and simple to use.


Brain Training System
Brain Training System $1500.00

Team Bios

Paola Telfer (2).png

Paola Telfer

Co-Founder and CEO

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Paola Telfer is a tech entrepreneur with a passion to develop technology that improves lives. She is the CEO and Founder of, a neurotechnology company that helps everyone harness their brain’s ability for lasting positive change. After a motor vehicle accident, Paola experienced the power of neurofeedback and recognized how it not only helped her recover but also enhanced her focus and brain performance while also helping to deepen meditation and relaxation. She discovered that

brain training has had a transformative impact on her life and made it her mission to make it accessible to everyone. Paola is an innovator in the technology space. She has designed network intelligence ASICs (Custom Integrated Circuits) that fuel backbone networks, managed eight-figure product portfolios, led technical consulting in enterprise and government initiatives and developed strategic healthcare provider relationships. In fact, Vandrico, her previous tech startup, leveraged Wearable technology to improve safety for field workers in traditional Industries. Paola not only holds an Electrical Engineering degree from the University of British Columbia but she also has an MBA in the Management of Technology from Simon Fraser University.

Mark is an internationally-renowned pioneer in the field of human potential development and optimal health medicine. Through his work as a medical doctor, leadership coach and human potential teacher, Mark has helped thousands of people, including business leaders and elite athletes optimise their health and unlock higher levels of wellbeing, performance, and consciousness.


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