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Founder John & Marie Dimitrakakis
Health & Wellness
Press Contact Alex


RB Life Brands is a family-run business dedicated to simplifying sustainable and healthy choices by creating eco-friendly products that are good for you and the planet, like our 100% Bamboo Toilet Paper. Founded in 2023 by the NJ-based husband-and-wife duo, John & Marie Dimitrakakis, RB Life Brands aims to pamper your parts in sustainable luxury without giving Mother Nature a hard time. 

Founding Story

After witnessing the devastating effects of deforestation across the world and seeing it for themselves firsthand, John & Marie Dimitrakakis felt compelled to make a difference. They became aware of how much our everyday choices could impact the planet and set out on a mission to transform a daily necessity like toilet paper into a force of good.

Taking a closer look at the industry, they were alarmed to discover that traditional toilet paper often contains harmful chemicals that have been linked to serious health issues. Their initial mission to help the environment quickly broadened to include creating a healthier, chemical-free alternative to this everyday product.

Through extensive research, they discovered the numerous benefits of switching to bamboo. First, it grows rapidly – up to 35 inches in a single day – which means it can be harvested sustainably without depleting the resource. It also requires almost 30% less water than hardwood trees and is naturally organic, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic. This makes bamboo an excellent choice for both the environment and your personal health. 


300 Sheet 100% Bamboo Toilet Paper 4-Pack
300 Sheet 100% Bamboo Toilet Paper 4-Pack $10.99
300 Sheet 100% Bamboo Toilet Paper 8-Pack
300 Sheet 100% Bamboo Toilet Paper 8-Pack $18.89


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