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Date Established 12/2021
Founder Jamie Fay & Wendy Pickett
Headquarters San Diego
Health & Wellness
Press Contact Maven Consulting


RationAle Brewing™ offers an innovative variety of small-batch, non-alcoholic craft beers for those seeking to embrace moderation while drinking consciously and living boldly. Founded in 2021 by Jamie Fay and officially launching into the non-alcohol craft beer category in early 2022, RationAle is rooted in embracing moderation without sacrifice, quickly establishing itself as the official beer of moderation. RationAle’s four Brews without the Booze™ are produced using a proprietary distillation technology to gently remove alcohol from the brewed beer, with minimal effects on its integrity and overall quality.

RationAle’s 12 oz. cans (at $12/six-pack) are available online at, shipping nationwide, in addition to retail and on-premise locations throughout California, Colorado, Nevada, Oregon and Arizona (including Whole Foods Market, Market of Choice, Erewhon, Mollie Stone’s, Olivers, Nugget, BevMo! and Total Wine).

Founding Story

Our mission is to increase your enjoyment of craft beer while moderating or eliminating your alcohol consumption... whatever that means to you.

RationAle was another one of those exciting business ideas that came to life sitting around a bonfire on a weekend with my sons. We were talking, well actually I was preaching, about the importance of an alcohol-conscious lifestyle! Yes, it was coming from my own experiences earlier in life along with my desire for them to live the healthiest life possible.

I wanted my sons to understand our family history with alcohol but also be empowered to make the right choices in their own lives. I used the word "rational" at least 3 times which is when both my sons said that would be a great name for a beer company! RationAle was born through a super authentic conversation around the enjoyment of a cold beer and alcohol moderation!

Moderation & Inclusion is at the core of who we are as everyone will have their rationale behind choosing to consume..or not at all! Our role in supporting that decision is to provide a high-quality delicious tasting craft beer without the booze!

-Jamie Fay, CEO & Co-Founder


Citrus Hazy IPA
Citrus Hazy IPA $16.00
Mexican Lager IPA
Mexican Lager IPA $15.99
West Coast IPA
West Coast IPA $16.00
New England Hazy IPA
New England Hazy IPA $16.00

Team Bios

Jamie Fay has more than 25 years of experience at some of the biggest names in global CPG, including Mars, Danone and Nature’s Path, among others. But it was a frank conversation with his kids that would set him down an entirely new path.

Drawing from his family’s history with alcoholism, Jamie encouraged his teenage sons — particularly his older son, who was off to college — to make rational decisions around alcohol consumption. When they quipped that “RationAle” was a great name for a non-alcoholic beer company, Jamie realized he could converge his personal and professional experiences to make a meaningful, positive impact.

In just over a year, Jamie has built RationAle into a major player in the non-alcoholic craft beer space, being named one of the people “leading the non-alcoholic craft beer movement” by The Takeout. Jamie’s own active lifestyle and love of craft beer, and that of his peers, continue to push Jamie’s mission of reinventing the NA beer category’s reputation from stodgy to one that centers on living an active, inspired life through moderation and making health-forward choices.

Topics/talking points:

-Non-alcoholic beverage trends/the moderation movement

-Family history of substance abuse

-A-ha moment/finding one’s purpose


Mother's Market
Total Wine & More
Whole Foods




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