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Date Established 08/2017
Founder Dr. Amy Divaraniya
Health & Wellness
Press Contact Sara Spiegel, With Sara PR


Oova is a one of a kind, at-home fertility tracking test that utilizes modern technology in order to track hormomes with lab-quality precision in order to help women get pregnant. It measures both luteinizing hormone and progesterone in order to more accurately track the cycle, and works in synch with your smartphone so you know exactly where your hormone levels are at throughout your cycle.

Oova also gives you more precision than standard fertility tracking apps, as those typically misrepresent the fertile window for most women, making ovulation tracking inaccurate. This is because they are based on a 28 day cycle, which only 13% of women have.

Founding Story

After months of struggling with her own pregnancy journey, Dr. Amy Divaraniya began to realize that the technology for women's health care was lacking. She was shocked by the lack of fertility tracking options women have, and wanted to utilitze her personal experience and knowledge to develop a tool that would track multiple hormones in order to indicate what point of the menstrual cycle a women is at in order to help with conception. She worked with her co-founder, Jerome Scelza, an engineer in order to utilize recent tech in order to better the fertility space for women.


The Oova Membership
The Oova Membership $99.00
The Oova Kit
The Oova Kit $129.00

Team Bios

Amy Divaraniya has more than 10 years of experience in sciences. After earning her Masters of Science in Bioinformatics, she went on to become a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Genetics and Genomics Sciences at Mount Sinai.

This is where, after facing her own struggles with fertility, Amy wanted to revolutionize the fertility space for women. Her and her colleagues gravitated towards women's healthcare and Oova was born. In 2017, Oova's mission was officially in motion.




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