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My Happy Flo

Plant-powered period relief vitamin with research-backed ingredients to support healthier hormones, painless periods, and target nutrient deficiencies to alleviate heavy flows, cramping, bloating and mood swings for a happier cycle.


Date Established 04/2021
Founder Necole Kane
Health & Wellness
E-commerce & Retail
Press Contact Alissa


My Happy Flo was created as the ultimate clap back to “that’s just how it is” “Eve shouldn’t have eaten the apple” and any other kind of audacity that’s been said to make menstruating humans accept painful periods and problematic PMS symptoms as their norm. Backed by all-natural, research-backed vitamins and minerals that have been proven to alleviate cramps, heavy flows, fatique and mood swings, consider this your period genie in a bottle!

It started with one goal in mind—to change the relationship that women have with their periods. Our menstrual cycle serves as the body's monthly report card and PMS symptoms are often the body's check engine light that is triggered by inflammation, nutrient deficiencies and hormonal imbalances. When left unaddressed, those imbalances can lead to conditions such as fibroids, PCOS, endometriosis and even infertility. We make it our mission to not only provide an all-natural solution that addresses the root cause and reduce those risks, but also educate you about your cycle and empower you to be your best healthcare advocate.

In a world of sugar-filled gummies, synthetic hormones, and products with preservatives that disrupt our hormone health, our products skip the fillers and only fills your body with the highest quality of ingredients. We've tailored our formulation to address common vitamin deficiencies and reproductive health challenges in women whose unique health needs have traditionally been overlooked and underserved in the health and wellness industry. With the inclusion of Iron, Vitamin C, D3, Magnesium, Zinc, B12 and B6, it is our guarantee that our supplements pick up where your diet leaves off so that you can feel as good on the inside, as you look on the outside.

Founding Story

Necole Kane is visionary, founder, media mogul, and three times business owner with just under two decades of experience curating, launching, and building successful, multimillion dollar brands from the ground up. In her newest venture, women’s health multivitamin My Happy Flo, she is filling a gap in the wellness industry, on a mission to improve women’s relationships with their period, turning a toxic, dreaded monthly visitor into a Happy Flow. The vitamin is a plant-based, proven solution to balance hormones, ease reproductive issues, and supply themselves with necessary vitamins and nutrients unable to obtain in diet alone. Common deficiencies include low iron and Vitamin D, most notable and statistically significant amongst Black women; My Happy Flo targets those needs and addresses them with their 10-in-1, 2x a day vitamins. Necole pivoted from lifestyle blogging via popular blog xoNecole, acquired in 2017 by Will Packer, when her mother died of breast cancer. Following this, and a growing interest in bodybuilding, it became a priority to Nicole to ensure her hormones and estrogen levels were balanced but couldn’t find anything on the market to address her needs. With My Happy Flo, Necole Kane is on a mission to give women a way to have a better relationship with their periods, help them through reproductive struggles due to high estrogen levels, and educate them on healthy periods, and holistic routes to take before pumping your body with lab-made progesterone found in birth control pharmaceuticals.


A Better Period
A Better Period $43.99

Team Bios

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Necole Kane


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If there’s one thing Necole Kane knows, it’s just how lethal generational secrets about women’s reproductive health can be, especially for Black women. As a women’s health advocate and the founder of My Happy Flo, Necole is changing that narrative by providing women of color with holistic solutions for hormonal imbalances as well as educational content to help lower their risk of period pain, fibroids, endometriosis, breast cancer and other reproductive health conditions caused by estrogen dominance. 

Necole’s diverse talents have led her on a riveting career journey as a media mogul and serial entrepreneur who has worn several hats. Her claim to Internet fame began as the voice behind the top black celebrity news sites in the world which garnered over 20 million pageviews a month.. She later launched one of the leading women’s lifestyle and empowerment platforms for women of color which was acquired by Hollywood producer Will Packer in 2017.

She is continuing her advocacy for women of color with My Happy Flo. The all-natural, plant-based supplement supports hormonal balance, and helps relieve women of painful periods and unpleasant PMS symptoms for a happier, healthier time of the month. My Happy Flo is backed by Necole’s unwavering passion for women’s health and fueled by her quest to break the generational cycle of early deaths in her family due to health complications. 

An in-demand speaker and interview guest, Necole has been honored as The Root 100 Top Influential Black Americans, Ebony’s Power 100, and featured in Forbes, CNN/HLN, Huffington Post Live, Essence, USA Today’s Modern Woman and Cosmopolitan, as well as several top-ranked podcasts and shows. Her passion lies in entrepreneurship as well as discussions around un-normalizing painful periods, feminine health, and holistic remedies for reproductive conditions caused by hormonal imbalance.






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