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Lemieux Et Cie

Modern Luxury : Lemieux Et Cie is purposefully building on the legacy of design history with quality and craftsmanship. Respectfully made by the artisans of today. Tomorrow’s heirlooms. Made to last.


LEMIEUX ET CIE launched in 2020 by designer and home furnishings entrepreneur Christiane Lemieux with a focus on the creative design process, partnering with master artisans and producers around the globe, and letting the creative process happen. What if together we made something beautiful that was meant to last? 

Rooted in a studied appreciation of iconic European ateliers of the likes of Jean Arp, Constantin Brancusi and Alberto Giacometti, LEMIEUX ET CIE is a celebration of the creative process and the global community of artisans that make each piece possible. Whether in the evidence of the hand or the imperfection of materials, we believe that how something is made is just as important as the end product—and we only partner with artisans who believe the same. Weavers in Nepal. Glassblowers in Eastern Europe. Carvers in Vietnam. Furniture makers in North Carolina. Each piece we design is made in small batches by human hands with a legacy for craftsmanship.

For her first collection, Lemieux drew inspiration from her personal archives, a design library she has been compiling in her New York City loft for over two decades. A deep dive into the world of heirloom materials—burled oak, undyed Moroccan wools, solid travertines—these pieces are a retrospective on timeless design in both form and tactility. 

As we enter the decade of home, we are creating pieces that turn your space into your favorite place to work / rest / eat / learn / teach / play … Lemieux Et Cie is here to help make your home your most inspiring space.

Founding Story

In New York City, as the world navigated the uncertain tides of 2020, design entrepreneur, Christiane Lemieux, decided to plant the seeds of a new venture that would soon become a brand of luxury and craftsmanship in the home furnishings industry. This venture was named Lemieux Et Cie, Christiane’s first namesake brand.

Christiane had long been fascinated by the history of design that shaped the world of interiors. Lemieux documented large parts of the history of design in her second book “The Finer Things”. With a keen eye and a seasoned understanding of the industry, she saw both an opportunity and a need. The opportunity was to create pieces that were not merely furniture but conversations between the past and the present. The need was to honor and uplift the community of craftspeople whose skills and dedication formed the backbone of the industry.

Lemieux Et Cie was envisioned as more than a brand; it was to be a narrative of design evolution, showcasing how historical elements could be seamlessly integrated into modern aesthetics. Christiane reached out to her artisan partners from around the globe, from the woodworkers of Vietnam to the textile masters of South Asia, ensuring that each piece carried a story of cultural heritage and exquisite craftsmanship.

The company’s debut collection : “Artisanal Modernism” was a catalog of textures and forms. Each piece was designed with an eye toward sustainability and timeless appeal, reflecting Christiane’s belief in responsible luxury. The collections drew inspiration from a wide range of historical periods, yet each item was distinctly contemporary, designed to fit seamlessly into the lives and homes of its clients.

Christiane's passion for community was evident in every aspect of Lemieux Et Cie. She established partnerships that were symbiotic, where artisans were not merely suppliers but collaborators who shared in the creative process and the success of the brand. This approach not only elevated the quality of the products but also strengthened the ties between the brand and its global artisan network.

The launch of Lemieux Et Cie was met with enthusiasm in a world that yearned for connectivity and meaning, especially in a time marked by global challenges. Clients were drawn not only to the luxury and beauty of the products but to the stories they held — stories of history, of culture, and of human connection.

As Lemieux Et Cie grew, it remained true to its founding principles: to celebrate the continuum of design history, to craft products with soul, and to nurture the community of people who make it all possible. Christiane Lemieux’s homage to design and craftsmanship resonated across the industry, setting Lemieux Et Cie apart as a herald of luxury, history, and community in the world of home furnishings.




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