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Date Established 01/2015
Founder Cameron Clarke and Keith Cich
Headquarters Los Angeles
Health & Wellness
E-commerce & Retail
Press Contact Camie Dodich


KANHA is an industry leader in breakthrough innovation and scientific standards. Trusted nationwide, we are an award-winning brand. We introduced the original fast-acting edible in 2015 and the first gummy line authentically formulated by doctors. Known for amazing taste and unparalleled consistency, KANHA North America is in California, Illinois, Massachusetts, and Nevada and now online at

We’re obsessed with the consumer and how our products make them feel. We believe our products have the power to transform their daily lives, and that's what drives us. For this reason, our core values – effectiveness, trust, innovation, safety and consistent experiences – all center around a single mission: to empower consumers to aspire for more and achieve their full potential. By focusing on what truly matters to our consumers, we're able to create products that make a real difference in their everyday lives.

Founding Story

Our founders embarked on a journey to seek greater balance in their lives that took them from the Amazon rainforest, to the jungles of West Africa, to the ancient cultures of Asia, including transformational lessons from a respected spiritual guide in India. 

This spiritual journey profoundly impacted them and taught them how people from different cultures have learned to live in harmony with the world and how plant based medicine like cannabis can lead to a life of optimal wellness. 

KANHA reflects the way we see cannabis and its role in connecting the world around us, serving as a metaphor that expresses how cannabis offers a better life and a stronger community through your own personal journey to happiness. KANHA strives to lead you on a joyful journey with delicious, reliable edibles. As a leading edible brand in the nation, KANHA delivers delectable gummies in an incredible variety of dosages, effects and flavors — so that consumers can taste the bliss at every step of their journey. 

We’re dedicated to carefully crafting our wide range of products using only all-natural ingredients and premium cannabis oil extracted from pesticide-free flower, resulting in a perfectly consistent, accurate and delicious dose every time.


NANO Indica Grape Gummies
NANO Indica Grape Gummies $28.00
NANO Hybrid Watermelon Gummies
NANO Hybrid Watermelon Gummies $28.00
NANO Sativa Cran-Pomegranate Gummies
NANO Sativa Cran-Pomegranate Gummies $28.00
FX Energy Citrus Splash Gummies
FX Energy Citrus Splash Gummies $30.00
FX Restore Acai Blueberry Gummies
FX Restore Acai Blueberry Gummies $30.00
FX Sleep Marionberry Plum Gummies
FX Sleep Marionberry Plum Gummies $30.00
FLY Minis
FLY Minis $25.00
GROOVE Minis $25.00
FLOAT Minis $25.00

Team Bios

Cameron Clarke brings scientific standards and disruptive technologies to the world of plant medicine. After studying science and engineering at Stanford, he created and ran companies that helped introduce the modern electronic courtroom, augmented reality for pilots and early web-based video streaming. Following his passion for plant medicines and firsthand experiences with indigenous healing cultures in West Africa, South Asia and the Amazon rainforest, he co-founded Sunderstorm in 2015 and helped turn KANHA into the top leading national edible brand with a global presence.

Keith brings financial growth and management experience as a Wall Street veteran who spent two decades as a Partner, Board Member and Treasurer with Barclay Investments. He later moved to California to manage large-scale commercial real estate projects and launch Sunderstorm with Clarke, whom he met as fellow students at Stanford. Cich earned his MBA at New York University and Master's at the California Institute of Integral Studies, where he also served as Chairman of the Board. Cich, who balances business with creative pursuits like DJing, traveled extensively throughout Asia where he studied Buddhism and Taoism, experienced native cultures, and experimented with plant medicines. These travels inform his passion for cannabinoids and their potential to disrupt the pharmaceutical industry as natural medicines that improve health and wellness.

Angela Cheng is the Global Chief Marketing Officer of KANHA, a cannabis brand renowned for its commitment to quality, consistency and innovation. She specializes in driving commercial growth in highly regulated industries. With over two decades of experience in brand marketing, she has demonstrated exceptional creativity and operational discipline in leading marketing organizations. Her achievements have earned her a Clio Award and recognition from High Times as an Asian-American leader in cannabis. 





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