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Grass Roots Farmers Cooperative

Revolutionizing Agriculture: Empowering Farmers, Healing the Earth, and Providing Sustainable, Nutritious Meat


Date Established 07/2014
Founder Cody Hopkins
Headquarters None
Press Contact Geena Tripodi


Grass Roots Farmers Cooperative is a co-op working with over 40 small farms spanning from the rangeland of Oregon to the Ozark Highlands Ecoregion of Arkansas to river-laced Mississippi. By economically empowering these farmers, Grass Roots has resisted mid-20th-century thinking and chosen to step away from industrial, chemical, and pesticide-based agriculture in favor of regenerative practices that heal the land. Since its founding, the cooperative has been supported by Heifer USA, the U.S. program of global development organization Heifer International, and an accredited Savory Global Network Hub. The mission of Grass Roots is to create a platform that allows small farmers to thrive while providing consumers with a trusted source of healthy, delicious, and sustainably raised meat products. Through transparency and accountability, Grass Roots ensures its members adhere to strict animal welfare and environmental standards. By working together, the farmers can access resources, knowledge, and markets that would otherwise be unreachable.

Founding Story

The inspiring story of Grass Roots Farmers Cooperative began when a group of passionate farmers recognized the challenges faced by small-scale producers in the modern agricultural industry. They saw that small farms were struggling to compete against large-scale operations and knew the incredible value of sustainable, responsibly-raised meat products. Determined to make a difference, these farmers banded together, combining their skills, knowledge, and resources to create a cooperative that would empower local farmers and elevate ethical farming practices. As more farmers joined the cause, the cooperative grew, developing innovative solutions and a powerful network. With every purchase from Grass Roots Farmers Cooperative, you're not just enjoying nutritious and delicious meats - you're supporting a community of farmers committed to building a more sustainable, equitable food system for future generations.


Pasture Raised Chicken
Pasture Raised Chicken $18.95
Grass Fed Ground Beef
Grass Fed Ground Beef $11.95
Grass Fed Ribeye Steak
Grass Fed Ribeye Steak $35.95
Pasture Raised Bacon
Pasture Raised Bacon $15.95
Pasture Raised Center Cut Pork Chop
Pasture Raised Center Cut Pork Chop $13.49
Raw Pet Treat
Raw Pet Treat $11.50
Pasture Raised Chicken Livers
Pasture Raised Chicken Livers $14.95

Team Bios

A physicist turned farmer and CEO, I’ve channeled my energies over the past decade into developing a vertically integrated sustainable livestock farm and founding Grass Roots Farmers’ Cooperative, dedicated to changing the way meat is produced and consumed across the USA. An entrepreneur at heart, I’m committed to innovating and embedding the latest thinking into every aspect of the business, from regenerative agriculture to blockchain technology.

I’ve been recognized in this field, having been featured in Forbes’ “Up and Comers”, receiving a Wild Gift Fellowship and being named Young Entrepreneur of the Year by the Hitachi Foundation. In 2015 I was also named as an Arkansan of the Year by Arkansas Life.

I am a regular speaker on the pasture-based farming circuit commenting on the state of regenerative agriculture, animal welfare, sustainability and using blockchain technology.




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