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Date Established 03/2023
Nonprofit & Social Impact
E-commerce & Retail
Website https://WWW.FRUMCAPS.COM
Press Contact Christina Kroll


Introducing "Frumcaps": Father and Son Duo Launches a Prominent Brand of Baseball Caps to Combat Antisemitism.

Frumcaps is proud to launch its online store, for a seamless and secure online shopping experience. The company aims to reach a broad audience and build a strong community of individuals dedicated to fighting antisemitism.

Boca Raton Florida – Today, we are proud to announce the launch of Frumcaps, an innovative new company founded by a passionate father and son team dedicated to fighting antisemitism. Frumcaps aims to promote Jewish pride and solidarity while confronting discrimination through their collection of high-quality, intricately designed baseball caps.

Antisemitism continues to be a significant issue, challenging the principles of equality, tolerance, and understanding. Recognizing the need for positive change, the founders of Frumcaps have taken it upon themselves to create a powerful tool that fosters unity and empowers the Jewish community.

Combining their love for fashion, entrepreneurship, and their Jewish heritage, the father and son duo behind Frumcaps have developed a range of unique design, exceptional baseball caps that not only reflect Jewish identity but also stand as symbols of strength and resilience against prejudice.

The founders of Frumcaps have meticulously designed each cap, ensuring the highest quality and attention to detail. The hats feature exquisite embroidery, showcasing unique and meaningful Jewish motifs, symbols, and phrases. Each design represents the rich tapestry of Jewish culture and heritage. Every cap is carefully crafted to be both fashionable and comfortable, using premium materials that guarantee long-lasting durability. The diverse range of designs offers customers an opportunity to express their Jewish identity in a fashionable and authentic way.

Frumcaps is not merely a fashion brand but a movement. By wearing Frumcaps baseball caps, individuals can express their Jewish pride, create awareness, and actively combat antisemitism. The founders firmly believe that through collective action and unity, the power of change can be amplified, ultimately building a more inclusive society.

"We founded Frumcaps with a deep-rooted desire to stand up against antisemitism and foster a sense of pride within the Jewish community," said the co-founder and CEO of Frumcaps. "We believe that people wearing our caps can serve as a powerful vehicle for change and a means to combat hatred. Our baseball caps not only provide a stylish accessory but also serve as a statement of resilience, solidarity, and unity.”

"We have put considerable thought and effort into creating captivating visuals that resonate with our customers, making them feel connected, confident, and proud of their Jewish heritage. Our goal is to spark conversations, promote understanding, and combat prejudice through fashion."

To explore the collection and join the movement against antisemitism, visit Frumcaps's official website at Follow Frumcaps on social media channels for updates, news, and community initiatives.


Grateful Dancing Rabbis
Grateful Dancing Rabbis $25.00
Nice Jewish Girl
Nice Jewish Girl $22.00
Shana Tova
Shana Tova $25.00

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Frum Caps


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Frumcaps is a long term business that was started 9 months ago and is now taking off. The business was born out of an idea: In a world where diversity can be met with both celebration and adversity, something is needed to outwardly promote camaraderie amongst the Jewish community.

Our idea is to combat the rising tide of antisemitism, by bringing Jewish symbols to the forefront of modern fashion. Instead of traditional symbols that might feel out of place in a casual setting, our baseball caps offer a contemporary twist, infusing style with cultural identity.

Founded by son and father (both modern Jewish professionals), our intention goes beyond simply selling hats. It's about instilling pride in one's roots and offering an accessible way for Jewish individuals to identify with and support each other, especially in spaces where they may feel isolated.

The appeal of Frumcaps isn't just in this premise, but also in our designs. By melding traditional Jewish symbols with sometimes light-hearted humor, we feel that wearing our hats creates a sense of belonging, while also opening up a dialogue with those unfamiliar with Jewish culture. Our hats can be conversation starters, allowing wearers to share stories, experiences, and the richness of their heritage.

We also strongly feel that wearing a Frumcap isn't just a fashion statement; it's a declaration of resilience, unity, and a collective resistance to hatred. It reminds everyone that being different isn't just okay, it's something to be celebrated. We started by local distribution to Hebrew schools and friends, but now find that our hats are increasingly ordered from people all over the country.

We feel very strongly about our mission and will continue to grow the company with innovative designs. More exposure will help us grow and spread our message. We would be happy to provide you with any additional information you may need.



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