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Date Established 07/2019
Founder Janice Harris and Carol Marie Galloway
Headquarters Naples
Health & Wellness
Press Contact Carol Marie Galloway


Envio®️Skin Health offers a modern, psycho-dermatology approach to acne relief by providing consumers with medical-grade skin care products and accessible mental health counseling. In this way, they are able to treat the internal and external causes of breakouts simultaneously. Our products are clean, cruelty-free, FDA registered, and arrive directly to our customers in sleek, Gen-Z-friendly packaging. Users see clear skin results in as little as two weeks!

Founding Story

The idea for Envio was born from mother-daughter founders Carol and Jan's difficult journey with Carol's adolescent acne. After numerous tearful conversations, doctor's visits, and trips to the pharmacy, they finally found the solution to her breakouts by using benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid together consistently. However, getting these products was difficult, and if Carol's prescription ran out before she had time to go back to the dermatologist, her skin would get bad again. These experiences, combined with Carol's later career as a teen psychologist, and Jan's deep roots in drug developemnt, inspired the pair to create a brand that not only provided prescription-strength products through subscription delivery but also mental health support to show acne sufferers the empathy they need to get through this difficult stage.

With social pressures, bullying, academic stress, and social media comparison mounting, rates of depression, anxiety, and suicide are steadily increasing in teens. We need a simple, effective, and compassionate solution to this issue now more than ever. Help us spread the word about Envio today.


Clear Skin Trio - Trial (30 Days)
Clear Skin Trio - Trial (30 Days) $34.95
Clear Skin Trio - Full Size (90 Days)
Clear Skin Trio - Full Size (90 Days) $108.97
B.P.O. 5% Cleanser
B.P.O. 5% Cleanser $30.00
S.A. 2% Gel Serum 1.7 oz
S.A. 2% Gel Serum 1.7 oz $45.00
Gel Hydrator
Gel Hydrator $43.00
Cranberry Clarifying Clay Mask
Cranberry Clarifying Clay Mask $20.00

Team Bios

Jan, our visionary entrepreneur, passionately develops purposeful brands that blend innovation, scientifically proven efficacy, and empathetic support, creating valuable and meaningful experiences that resonate with her audience and fill essential gaps.

Throughout her career, Jan has shown strong, caring leadership skills, inspiring cross-functional teams toward shared goals. Her ability to rally team members around a common vision and encourage them to surpass their limits is a testament to her leadership acumen.

Committed to continuous improvement, Jan's strategic mindset and adaptability make her an asset in any endeavor. 

After four years as a CPA, Jan drove revenues in dermatology centers by directing talent, optimizing operational processes, and resource allocation. She then founded a pharmaceutical company focused on the development and sales of dermatology generic drugs, achieving significant sales revenue through extensive market research and strategic partnerships. 

Jan's resilience and entrepreneurial spirit have led to the growth and success of her ventures, including the acquisition of her ventures. She approaches product development with dedication and innovation, creating solutions that meet customer needs and industry regulations. 

Envio Skincare & Wellness, co-founded with her daughter Carol Marie, is Jan's greatest career joy. The twins embarked on a mission to create a sleek, safe and effective skincare brand that considers the emotional well-being of individuals, aiming to boost self-esteem and confidence as that is what Carol needed most in her teen years. An emotional well-being brand creating the next gen of psychodermatology skin essentials.

Carol Galloway, M.A., is a visionary entrepreneur and a dedicated therapist with a strong background in counseling psychology. After completing her Master's in Counseling Psychology, she embarked on a mission to make a meaningful difference in the lives of individuals struggling with mental health issues, particularly teenagers.

As a licensed therapist, Carol specializes in working with teens, leveraging her deep understanding of adolescent psychology and behavior. Her empathetic and compassionate approach allows her to connect with her young clients, creating a safe and nurturing environment where they can openly explore their feelings and challenges.

While her passion for mental health advocacy drives her work as a therapist, Carol's entrepreneurial spirit led her to co-found Envio Skin Health, where she aims to address not only external beauty but also the emotional well-being of individuals struggling with skincare issues. By combining her expertise in counseling psychology and her entrepreneurial vision, she seeks to inspire positive transformations in the lives of teens and individuals of all ages.

Outside of her professional endeavors, Carol remains an engaged Vanderbilt University alumna, actively participating in alumni networks and contributing to mentorship programs for aspiring counseling psychologists. Through her dedication to both therapy and entrepreneurship, she continues to make a significant impact on the well-being of young minds and the broader community.







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