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Classic Fella

Classic Fella - The Underwear of Menswear. Cultivating character through exceptional wardrobe standards.


Date Established 06/2023
Founder Stephen Powell
Headquarters Atlanta
E-commerce & Retail
Press Contact Stephen Powell


Classic Fella tells the story of the discerning man. Specializing in high-end undergarments, we are driven by an initiative of authenticity and camaraderie objectified through wardrobe standards of exceptional quality and lasting style. Much of our inspiration originates from the mid century American spirit. Our ideal to live with balance and confidence exemplifies the benchmark of what it means to be a man at his peak - symbolized by our focused Archer.

Sustainability is a fundamental part of the brand, adhered through our small physical footprint, usage of natural fiber fabrics, and recycled materials for packaging. Our heritage inspired, made in Italy products are a natural addition to collections of the most selective men, available directly online with plans for key retail partnerships in select men's stores.

Founding Story

Classic Fella was established to empower men to live at their greatest potential by its founder, Stephen, who was raised in northern Mississippi to aim high and pursue his passions. As a form of creative expression, Stephen began developing the concept of Classic Fella in Spring of 2021 - a notable contrast to his profession as a physician.

Stephen sought the opportunity to design high quality undergarments that objectify the wearer's aspirations of a life well lived. Classic Fella is built around the principle of being one's best, truest self, a thought that echoes the teachings of Stephen's upbringing. Today, Stephen resides in Atlanta, where he continues to inspire men through Classic Fella, not just in terms of outer presentation but, more importantly, the cultivation of character.


Classic Brief
Classic Brief $34.00
Classic Boxer-Brief
Classic Boxer-Brief $38.00
Classic Boxer
Classic Boxer $48.00
Classic A-Shirt
Classic A-Shirt $50.00
Quarter Sock
Quarter Sock $22.00
Dress Sock
Dress Sock $26.00
Structured T-Shirt - White
Structured T-Shirt - White $65.00
Embroidered Button Down - Medium Blue
Embroidered Button Down - Medium Blue $180.00
Pleated Short - Taupe
Pleated Short - Taupe $155.00

Team Bios


Stephen Powell


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Stephen's journey began in the hills of north Mississippi where he was raised to aim high and pursue worldly exploration. As a form of creative expression and identity affirmation, Stephen began developing the concept of Classic Fella in Spring of 2021. Stephen presently resides in Atlanta where he also practices as a family medicine physician.




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